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Grimm's 36 Building Cubes - Pastel

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This set includes 36 colored natural wood blocks and a natural wooden frame. The cubes can be used to make endless creative color and shape designs, either in or out of the frame, and are also building blocks for construction. Encourage the feeling for colors and forms in play, 3-dimensional thinking and spatial learning. 

In your child's hands, simple cubes can yield striking results. Create gorgeous mosaics or interesting structures with this set of chunky wooden cubes. Let your imagination run wild and see how many designs you can come up with. This exceedingly beautiful set of 36 Blocks by Grimm's will inspire the imagination of young children and adults alike. Rich and vibrant, toddlers to adults will want to play with them again and again. Build towers, walls, pyramids, and any number of unique creations. Make learning basic math fun by using the colorful wooden blocks as aids to help children understand addition, subtraction, fractions and physical dimensions (length, width, height). 

Mosaic Square of 36 Cubes is crafted in Germany by Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design.

Each cube measures 1.6 inches on all sides; frame measures 10.5 inches square.

Each block size exceeds US and European safety standards for choking hazard.

Colored with non-toxic, water-based dyes and unvarnished wood.