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Modeling Beeswax - 12 Assorted Sheets

Modeling Beeswax - 12 Assorted Sheets

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Stockmar beeswax is an ideal modeling material. It is an indispensable teaching aid for encouraging the development of an enlivened sense of form and awakening the artistic imagination of children.

The experience of modelling stimulates creativity and invention. The wax becomes pliable when warmed in the hands or placed near a heater or in warm water.

Additionally, it is clean to use and completely hygienic. It does not smear or crumble and it will not bleed. Its transparency enhances the purity and the brightness of the colors.

This set includes 12 slices of modeling beeswax in assorted colors.

Imported from Germany.

Ages 3+

Each slice is 3.88 x 1.63 x .25 inches; Box is 4.13 x .75 x 6.88 inches