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Organic Waldorf Schatzi Doll - Blue

Organic Waldorf Schatzi Doll - Blue

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This adorable doll will soon become your child's favorite little playmate. He is 100% organic on the outside and his soft body is stuffed with polyester, making him antiallergen.

At 14 inches tall, he's the perfect size for any adventure.

Waldorf certified.

Hand Washing Recommended.

A note from Kathe Kruse regarding their organic products: Cultivated according to biodynamic economics and free of all synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Picked by hand and mechanically cored. Spun in a modern mill without chemical agents. The thread is either natural or dyed with chemical-free, naturally reactive colors, free of heavy metals and organic halogens. When mechanically equipping the thread, no chemicals were used. Biodynamical cultivated cotton is an excellent raw material for the consistently ecological doll series from Kathe Kruse.

Imported from Germany.

Ages newborn+

14 inches tall