Musical Instruments

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Make music with our play wooden musical instruments for toddlers.

Encourage your child to march to their own beat and invent their own melody with our selection of wooden and non-toxic instruments. Designed specifically for youngsters, these natural toy rhythm instruments and whistles are brightly colored and acoustically tuned to bring lots of musical fun.

Toddler and preschool music-making is extremely beneficial for a child’s brain development, as well as promoting physical skills, like sensory processing and gross/fine motor skills, and cognitive skills, including imagination, discovery, and self-expression. By taking the time to interact with your child musically, you’re giving them a boost in creativity, curiosity, and confidence.

We’re proud to carry non-toxic musical options from Plan Toys, Maple Landmark, and Auris. Each has been made with sustainability and safety as top priorities and you can feel good knowing these play musical instruments are good for your child and the planet.