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Non-toxic silicone cups and other natural products for your home & family. 

As parents, we’re concerned about the things that our kids put into their mouths. But what about the dishware that’s actually *meant* to go there? While glassware is a non-toxic alternative, the fact of the matter is that it and young children don’t always get along!

For when you want to keep things unbreakable, we carry a wide selection of silicone drinkware and dishware from Go Sili. Made from 100% European-grade silicone, these cups, straws, and tableware are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be boiled to sterilize. The best part? The cups include an embedded 100% stainless steel ring, so they won’t collapse or cause messy spills. (And because the ring is circular, it’s safe to go in the microwave!)

Be sure to check out our selection of other home and family-related items, knowing they’re always completely natural and non-toxic.