Pretend Play

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We’ve got the best pretend play toys for toddlers and young kids.

An essential part of child development, pretend play helps children learn through observing, imagining, and then doing. It encourages imagination and creativity, supports social and emotional development, improves language and communication skills, and develops problem solving abilities.

Your child can create their own neighborhood of make-believe with our wide selection of pretend play toys. From wooden occupation sets (like vet, hair stylist & dentist) and wooden cooking sets to open-ended puzzle blocks and play silks, we’ve got the top-quality toys your child will love to play with for hours of pretend fun.

We’re proud to carry a variety of pretend play sets from Plan Toys — the leader in pretend play fun — as well as magnetic wooden doll sets from CLiCQUES and play silks from our favorite, Sarah’s Silks. Each of these companies is dedicated to producing high-quality, all-natural toys, using the most sustainable production practices and natural materials.