Waldorf Dolls

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Our Waldorf and organic dolls make the perfect, one-of-a-kind baby gift.

Share a gift of empathy, imagination, and love with a beautiful Waldorf doll. Our heirloom-quality dolls from Grimm’s and Under the Nile will be a favorite of your child from bedtime lovey to the best friend they can’t leave home without. These naturally simple dolls are inspired by Waldorf education, created to be open-ended and minimally adorned, without much expression, so that a child’s imagination has free reign to make up any kind of story with their doll pal.

Each doll is made entirely from natural materials, including organic cotton and wool, giving them a softness and warmth that piques your child’s senses and inspires calm.

We’re also proud to carry a wide selection of magnetic wooden dolls from CLiCQUES. These Waldorf-inspired friends come in pairs or full sets to mix and match to your heart’s content — fun on their own or as a colorful addition to your child’s dollhouse.