Grimm's Four Elements Puzzle and Building Set - Large - Hazelnut Kids

Grimm's Four Elements Puzzle and Building Set - Large

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Reputed as a high-quality standby for natural toys, Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design company brings all-natural, non-toxic materials into harmony with shapes, colors, and concepts already present in children's worlds. The toys connect nature with nurture, encouraging young ones to encounter, explore, and enrich their learning through mathematics, physics, the arts, the animal world, the outdoors, and the home environment.

Where earth meets air, where water quells fire - Grimm's four elements puzzle returns children to the basics of their environment, connecting them with flames, a rainbow, a wave, and a cave. The puzzle, with its simple colors and complex shapes, stimulates their senses of possibility and artistry. The stackable pieces allow children to explore spatially - experimenting with height, depth, and perspective.

The puzzle, a Parent's Choice Award winner, features 23 pieces contained in a natural wooden storage tray. The puzzle also is designed to fit into Grimm's 4x4 building set scene.Frame size is 17in x 17in. Also available in a smaller 9in x 9in. The woodworking is sourced to small, independent shops in Europe. The owner of the main one, in Bosnia, began his training in woodworking with Grimm’s. Over many years, he learned the handcraft and went back to his country and set up a shop. So, he is able to have his own business. It’s been (and continues to be) a long, close and mutually beneficial partnership.

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Imported from Germany.

Ages 3+

17 x 2 x 17 inches