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Grimm's Building Set Romanesque

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Step into the enchanting world of Romanesque architecture with the Grimm's Building Set Romanesque. Even the littlest master-builders will be captivated by the allure of self-supporting round arcs and the imposing stonework reminiscent of grand churches, castles, and city walls. This set allows children to create and experience their own medieval worlds filled with knights, kings, and mythical dragons. Additionally, with this versatile set, they can also construct Gothic-style buildings, expanding their architectural horizons.

Beyond its play value, this building set serves as ideal room decor, inviting everyone to engage in imaginative play and exploration. The pieces seamlessly blend with our other building sets, enabling children to create even more unique variations and play settings by combining different forms and shapes.

Inside this set, you'll find 62 meticulously crafted building blocks made from lime wood, renowned for its durability and safety. The non-toxic water-based color stain and plant-based oil finish enhance the natural beauty of the wood, ensuring a safe and inviting play experience.

The wooden frame measures approximately 17.5" in length, providing a stable foundation for the blocks. Each block boasts a thickness of 1.6" and ranges in length from 0.8" to 6", allowing for versatile construction and imaginative designs.

Let your child's imagination transport them to a world of knights, kings, and architectural marvels with the Grimm's Building Set Romanesque. Encourage their creativity as they bring medieval stories to life, construct magnificent structures, and immerse themselves in the rich history and fantasy of the Middle Ages. This building set nurtures both fine motor skills and imaginative play, making it a cherished addition to any playroom or learning environment.