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The story behind our Waldorf toys.

You may have noticed that many natural toys for children are simple in nature. And that is completely by design! Inspired by Waldorf education, Waldorf toys are created to be open-ended and minimally adorned so that a child’s imagination has free reign to make them whatever they want them to be. These heirloom-quality toys are made from natural materials, including wood, silk, wool, and organic cotton, giving them a softness and warmth that piques your child’s senses and inspires calm.

Blocks are basic and easily stackable. Figures and vehicles are simple in nature, Soft dolls are adorned without much expression. And you’ll never find any set of instructions with any of these toys. All of this is purposefully designed to let your child’s imagination inspire their play.

We’re proud to carry a wide selection of the latest from international Waldorf toymakers including: Grimm’s, Clicques, Sarah’s Silks, and Under the Nile. Each of these companies is dedicated to producing high-quality, all-natural toys, using the most sustainable production practices and natural materials.