Abel's Workshop Natural Wooden Rattle

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These timeless wooden rattles are the perfect heirloom gift for new babies. Carefully handcrafted from natural maple wood, these rattles are designed in a size and shape that are perfect for little hands to grasp with ease. These toys support development of the grasping skill, fine motor skills, and teach cause and effect.

Rattles are approximately 6.0 inches long. Each end cap is 1.75 inches in diameter, while the handle is 0.50 inches in diameter.

Each rattle features three wooden rings.

From Abel's: We are committed to providing quality, natural, eco-friendly toys that support imaginative, open-ended play. We are family owned and operated, and every toy is lovingly made in our workshop in Ogden, Utah, USA. All items meet CPSC safety requirements. All packaging used is minimal and eco-friendly, so your items will simply come tagged instead of displayed in plastic.