Grimm's 12 piece Wooden Rainbow

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The original Grimm's 12-piece wooden rainbow set was designed to ignite endless possibilities for open-ended play in children. This exceptional rainbow will accompany your little one from their early baby years through their toddler, preschool, and kindergarten stages, providing enjoyment and growth at every step of their development.

With this set, children can let their imagination soar as they construct tunnels, create little homes, or build unique forts. It's a wonderful addition to their existing collection of dolls and cars, expanding the potential for immersive and imaginative play.

The colors of the Grimm's wooden rainbow are vivid and captivating, while the smooth texture of the wood ensures a delightful tactile experience. Each piece is dyed with child-safe, water-based colors, allowing the natural grain of the wood to shine through the coloring. This unique combination creates a visually stunning effect that adds to the charm and beauty of these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Please note that each rainbow is meticulously hand-carved, making every set unique. As a result, you will witness the natural wood grain peeking through the water-based coloring, further enhancing the individuality and aesthetic appeal of each piece.

Imported all the way from Bosnia-Herzegovina, this wooden set reflects the craftsmanship and dedication of our skilled artisans. It brings the joy of owning a rainbow to children, as they revel in having their very own vibrant and captivating toy.

Watch as your child's creativity flourishes, their fine motor skills refine, and their imagination takes flight with this exceptional wooden rainbow. Embrace the endless possibilities of open-ended play and provide your little one with a cherished toy that will be enjoyed for years to come!

Ages 1+

Largest piece is 15 x 7 inches